Popcorn Texture Removal

Wallpaper Removal

Don’t burden yourself with the task of removing tired, old wallpaper – use Brush-Up Painting’s wallpaper removal service.
We start by removing any loose or easily removable wallpaper by hand. After this step, we apply a product (DIF) that breaks down the glue securing the paper to the wall which can cause drywall damage but Brush-Up Painting takes every effort to prevent this as much as possible.
After removing all the paper, the walls are sanded, drywall repaired, primer and paint is applied to 100% customer satisfaction. Each removal includes a thorough clean up.

Interior Painting

Whether you are rethinking the decor of your home or need a fresh coat of paint to sell your house, our residential interior painting service provides the precision and professionalism needed to complete the project.

Brush-Up Painting promises 100% customer satisfaction for every residential interior painting project we complete.


Exterior Painting

Avoid the ladders, the rollers, the paint mess, and consider hiring Brush-Up Painting’s residential exterior painting services.

Brush-Up Painting only uses the most durable and weather proof paint on the market that is both eye catching and cost effective.  

 Trust in our expertise of residential exterior painting today.

Commercial Painting

Brush-Up Painting has the capacity to fulfill paint jobs for commercial spaces in addition to our residential services.

We prepare the space so that your assets are protected from damage and then evaluate the space for any problem areas that are in need of repair, caulking, scraping, and pressure washing.

With a pristine finish completed, Brush-Up Painting leaves the space each day clean for day to day operations.